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  • Residential Heating Repair

Inefficient heaters can lead to poor air quality and cause your heating bill to rise.


  1. Clean air filters
  2. Clear out dust, debris, or insects from surrounding area
  3. Clean air registers
  4. Check ductwork
  5. Inspect all electrical wiring and controls
  6. Inspect and clean blowers
  7. Inspect the thermostat for proper operation
  8. Inspect heat exchangers
  9. Inspect belts and pulleys for tightness and wear
  10. Adjust and tighten unit panels
  11. Check and adjust manifold pressure
  12. Clean the igniter, burners, burner manifold, and flame sensor
  13. Flush drains and taps to check for water leaks and drain line clogs
  14. Check for gas leak signs and symptoms
  15. Check and adjust the air and fuel mixture
  16. Inspect the venting and combustion air
  17. Check the flame rectification system
  18. Inspect heat exchanger and carbon monoxide detector
  19. Test and measure carbon monoxide levels
  20. Check flue pipe for proper airflow and fit
  21. Check the correct voltage for furnace equipment
  22. Check thermostat programming and operation
  23. Cycle the equipment to ensure that it is working